recording my Shrutibox for an ambient track

I am working on a new ambient track. Over the weekend, I recorded my Shrrutibox (from India). Now I am processing the recording in my DAW.

Ambience 01 - (Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Nature Sounds)

In this session, I played some ambient electric guitar, accompanied with synthesizer and nature sounds.

I am oficially a Synth-Builder now ;)

built my little Korg NTS-1 Synth today, took about 30 min.

A Novation Mininova arrived for my setup today,

Received a Novation Minonova today, which I will mostly use for pad ambient sounds.

Setting up a new homestudio

After taking a musical break for a year and selling my old equipment, I am recently setting up a new homestudio.

I received an Odyssey Synthesizer today and will buy one or two more Synths.

The rest will be done with guitar, acoustic insruments and the computer.

New Album Release - 'Modular Works'

You may know some of these tracks from Youtube or Soundcloud already.
I put some of my music from the modular synthesizer phase on an album.
As an experiment, no loudness optimisation was done.

Modular Works by Darshonaut