Drum Sample Kits

On this page you will find Drum Sample Kits, which I created with my analogue equipment.

Each download features a .zip file with 16 samples in the format of 44.1 khz WAV in mono and 16 bit.

Some of the Downloads also include a PGM for the MPC 1000, which maps the drumsamples to the pads.

16 HiHats from a Jomox xBase09 Drummachine
Created with my Jomox xBase09 Drummachine, this Sample Pack contains 16 HiHat Sounds.

16 Analogue Drumsounds made with an MFB Nanozwerg Synthesizer
This pack contains 16 Drumsounds created with an MFB Nanozwerg Synthesizer.
A little bit of postproduction was done as well.
All bassdrums are tuned to the note A.

16 Sounds from the MFB 522 Drummachine
16 Samples from the MFB 522 analogue Drummachine

16 Analogue HiHats
Created with Curetronic Analogue Noise Module and the Arturia Minibrute analogue synthesizer

16 Analogue Claps
I sampled six Claps from my analogue MFB 522 Drummachine through a bit of Spring Reverb.
(Synthesizers.com Module with an Accutronics Reverb Spring.)
10 more I synthesized using the Arturia Minibrute analogue synthesizer, an analogue Noise Module by Curetronic, an analogue Monacor Delay and the same Spring Reverb Combination as for the MFB 522.

16 Analogue Noise Samples
(good for layering with drums) mapped as PGM
Created with a Curetronic Analogue Noise Module and the Arturia Minibrute analogue synthesizer

16 Sounds from the MFB 503 Drumcomputer
This set contains thirteen Drumsounds from the MFB 503 analogue Drumcomputer and three additional claps from the MFB 522 analogue drummachine.

16 Analogue Bassdrums with Tape Saturation
Generated with my Curetronic Modular Synthesizer, then a bit of NY Compression and then recorded to my Revox A 77 Reel to Reel Tape Machine with some saturation.
Then sampled back...
All the Bassdrums are tuned to 'A'.

16 Analogue Bassdrums from the MFB 503 with Tape Saturation
I synthesized 16 analogue Bassdrums with my MFB 503 analogue Drumcomputer.
Put a compression effect on it and recorded it to my Revox A 77 Tape Machine with Saturation.
Then sampled it all back and made a PGM with the samples.

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