Monday, May 20, 2013

16 Bassdrums from the MFB 503 with Tape Saturation as PGM

I synthesized 16 analogue Bassdrums with my MFB 503 Drumcomputer.
Put a compression effect on it and recorded it to my Revox A 77 Tape Machine with Saturation.
Then sampled it all back and made a PGM with the samples.

Darsho & Shiroiyuki - Modular Base Alpha One (Acid-Chill)

Shiroiyuki (SC user cyberpvnk) came by and we recorded a little Jam-Session.

Used Equipment :

Akai MPC 1000
selfmade Drumsamples
Roland juno 106
DSI Mopho x4
Theis Dual Skip Sequencer
Curetronic Modular Synthesizer
Wizdom Music MorphWiz
Monacor EEM-1200
MXR Carbon Copy

Recrded to Zoom R16
mixed with
Reaper & various VST Effects

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Darsho - Synth & Titan (Delay-Orgy)

A track, created with simple means.
Just a Curetronic Synthesizer played through a Red Witch Titan Analog Delay.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

16 Bassdrums as PGM for the MPC 1000

A PGM with 16 Bassdrums.

Generated with my Curetronic Modular Synthesizer, then a bit of NY Compression (a VST plugin I am afraid) and then recorded to my Revox A 77 Reel to Reel tape machin with some drive.
Then sampled back...

All the Bassdrums are tuned to 'A'.

It's an experiment with the tape and stuff, so I don't know how good this really is, have yet to use it myself in a track.

You may want to adjust the mixer settings to your needs, as I only use the Stereo Outputs of my MPC as two mono outputs.

Darsho/Tronique - Droning

A drone, which Tronique and myself recorded, when he visited me the other day.

we used :

Curetronic Modular Synthesizer
Arturia Minibrute
DSI Evlver Keyboard
Doepfer Dark Time
various effects

Recorded to Zoom R16, mixed in Reaper.