This website is mainly about my musicial endeavours over the years, but I am also involved in numerous creative projects in regards to the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A short musical biography :

Early Beginnings and Dusk to Dawn 
I started to make music in 1988 as a teenager, by learning to play the Electric Guitar and experimenting with music programs on a Commdore Amiga Homecomputer.
Soon after that, me and two classmates borrowed some gear (drumcomputer, 4-track tape recorder, Bass Guitar, Microphone) from other musicians and recorded an experimental album on Tape under the name of 'The Evil Empire'.
However, as this was just a short term project, I started to play guitar in various local bands, which never really found a steady or complete lineup.
One day I was asked by a singer to meet up and discuss the formation of a New Wave band.
In late November 1991 we met at a local bar and after finding a bass player, the line-up of 'Dusk to Dawn' was completed.
We released a Debut Cassette Album entitled 'Before the Eye' and recorded more material.

1992, at a DTD Photo Session

The Blues of a lesser God
After personal circumstances led to the decision that I parted ways with my bandmates and I started a solo project called 'The Blues of a lesser God', this time not only playing guitar and doing synths, but contributing the vocals as well.
The music often was more aggressive and energetic than the New-Wave I had played with Dusk to Dawn, but still in the same Genre.
In 1994 and 1995, I released the three Albums 'Summer, Sun, Suicide', 'Groove-T Music' and 'Schwermut' and played various live gigs all over Germany with the help of a guitarist.
In 2015, I started re-releasing all the old TBOALG material as digital downloads on my Anachronaut Label.

1994, at a TBOALG Photo Session

TOSOTU and a long break from making music
After the TBOALG phase, I got involved in the more and more popular electronic music scene of Trance, House, Rave, Goa, Techno and the likes.
I continued to make music under the project name 'TOSOTU', but it was never really released until 2017.
In late 1996 or early 1997 I stopped to make music, due to the fact that my equipment was not capable of producing the fast Goa-Trance I was into at the time.
I found other interests and sold all my remaining music equipment in 1999.
All TOSOTU music was finally released in 2017 on the Anachronaut Label on five different albums.

A new beginning and Planet Ugh
In 2007, a friend showed me that he was using the Guitar Rig Software and a Rig Kontrol Device from  Native Instruments with his Computer to amplify his Electric Guitar.
I was quite impressed by the technology and soon realised I had missed the development of things like DAW programs on Personal Computers and the invention of VST plugins and Software Synthesizers.
I bought a DAW program, the Guitar Rig Equipment, an Electric Guitar and some Software Synthesizers.
The following years I dug deep into the new technology, released two Download Albums under the project name 'Planet Ugh' and was featured on various web-compilations.
There is not really any consistent musical style on those releases, as I was experimenting a lot and explored musical possibilities that I did not have in the Nineties due to the very limited equipment I owned back then.

2012, at a DTD Recording Session

Dusk to Dawn Re-Union
I met our bassplayer again on a Synthesizer Meeting in Bonn around 2009 and some time after that we came to the conclusion that a Re-Union of Dusk to Dawn could be an interesting and musically rewarding project.
Since the other two were still in contact, Dusk to Dawn started to make music again, the way we had done about 20 years before.
We released an EP by the title 'Existence' in 2012 and were able to place songs on various compilations of magazines like 'Zillo' or 'Gothic'.
In 2012 we also released a Vinyl Album by the name of 'Remains' on the Spanish label Atemporal Records, featuring songs from 20 years ago, both released and unreleased.
We also contributed two old songs to a Vinyl Compilation called 'Distant Waves'.
In late 2014, the tracks of the 'Existence' EP were bundled with four remixes on a CD entitled 'Existence in the Mix'.
In early 2018, Dusk to Dawn released the full length album 'Transition'.

2013, at the Happy Knobbing Synthesizer Convention

M & D - Möbius and Darsho
In 2010, I met fellow electronic musician Möbius through an online forum for electronic musicians. We enjoyed each other's musical output and lived in neigbouring cities, so we started a collaboration called.
We usually met every couple of months for a day or even a weekend to record music.
In late 2014, we had collected enough material to release our Debut Album called 'Night Sessions', which was also released on CD in 2015.
The music incorporated influences from Drum & Bass, Trance, Dub, Breakbeat, Fusion and classical EM.
We have already recorded more material and will continue to do so, therefore a second album is sure to be released in the future.

2014, at a DTD Recording Session

Anders Jørgenson
In 2013, a long time fellow musician and I started a project which we later decided we would call Anders Jørgenson.
We meet every couple of months to record instrumental electronic livejams with our analogue and modular synthesizers and we even mix in some modern equipment from time to time.
So far we have recorded a growing number of tracks, of which we chose six for our debut album entitled 'Greatest Hits'.
It was released on Syngate Records as CD and Digital Download in November 2015.

2013, a modular synthesizer in the Bended Hill Studios

Scotgard & Scotgard
I started to meet with another musician in 2013 and we play music together every once in a while. Over the years we have recorded some of it and also did some releases and live appearances.

2015, playing guitar

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